About this site, and a little about me

Education has been my 'rock.' It has opened doors for me, it has taken me places, and it gives me courage to face the challenges that life throws at us. I am a professor at a medium sized private university in New Jersey. While I was doing field work at a self-employed women's group in India, an elderly woman told me how empowered she felt after the organization helped her learn to read and write. "For years I would come to the bus stop, keep missing buses as I could no read the bus numbers, and was embarrassed to ask someone, until I had to. Now, I can read the numbers myself, I don't have to belittle myself or depend on anyone." She said this with a smile, tears rolling down her cheek, meandering along the furrows of her experienced skin. That day, twenty years ago, and the love of education that my parents had implanted in me, prompted me to value the power to read and write. I had to exercise my right to write!

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